Healthy Minds' Champions

What do they do?

The purpose of the Healthy Minds’ Champions group is to ensure that young people’s voices are heard and integrated into any measures that the school implements to support mental health. There is one Healthy Minds Champion in each KS2 class.

As a group, the children will explore what is working in the school to support positive mental health and consider what we can develop further. They lead on implementing any changes across the whole school. These changes will be planned with the support of school staff.

Healthy Minds’ Champions Objectives

Throughout the year, the Healthy Minds’ Champions aim to meet a range of objectives including:

Leading on helping others have positive mental health within their class and across their year group

Leading discussions on improvements to the school with mental health in mind

Supporting children in KS1 to have positive mental health and ensure they have happy and active breaks

Spotting random acts of kindness