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Personal Development
Stradbroke Primary School
Stradbroke Primary School
Stradbroke Primary School
Stradbroke Primary School

Personal Development

Our intent is to provide a wide, rich set of experiences and opportunities that extends beyond the academic to ensure our children become aspirational, confident, respectful and resilient life-long learners. We aim to provide an extra-curricular programme (with a strong uptake from pupils – particularly those who are disadvantaged) that strengthens the school offer by nurturing children’s talents and interests and encouraging them to be physically and mentally healthy. At Stradbroke, we celebrate diversity and promote tolerance of other opinions and beliefs so that when children leave Stradbroke, they feel a deep connection in our community and want to contribute back to wider society.

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Our Key Curriculum Drivers


Throughout our bespoke curriculum, we aim for all children to be exposed to new, exciting and memorable experiences which fosters a love for learning.


We want our children to develop the ability to take risks, make mistakes and independently think so that they can be both creative and imaginative.


We aim to foster an appreciation of diversity so that our children are keen to enquire about the wider world. Our children are actively encouraged to engage with others and tolerate different views and beliefs.


We want our children to think big and follow their dreams! We want them to learn about careers and opportunities beyond our local area and understand how they could make a difference to the wider world.


We encourage our children to value the community they live in and understand their role in wider society. We want our children to feel deeply invested in Stradbroke so they are keen to contribute back and help others.