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The School Parliament consists of the School Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the School Council.

The School Parliament gives children a voice in the development and progress of Stradbroke Primary School. Children are elected at the start of each academic year.

The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister roles are elected from Y6. Their chief roles include chairing Parliament meetings and leading the agenda of the Parliament. They are expected to be outstanding role models for the school.

Each class from Years 2 to 6 provides one representative to the School Council after potential candidates have produced election posters and produced a mini-manifesto persuading their class to vote for them. The School Council joins the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to take part in the School Parliament meetings which are held roughly once every 3 weeks, or more regularly if needs require.

We believe that the School Parliament encourages pupils to understand and value the ideals of British Values, democracy and citizenship. Our School Parliament focuses on a wide range of issues including the environment, lunchtime routines and the curriculum.

These are some of the previous projects or decisions we have been involved in:

  • Working with Governors to improve signage and parking round school.
  • Food tasting to help design a new menu with Taylor Shaw.
  • Planning and approving new playground equipment, including the climbing frames and outdoor gym equipment.
  • Taking suggestions from classes to develop projects to improve the school learning environment.

For this academic year, we will be looking at continuing to develop our playground spaces to make Stradbroke an outstanding place to learn and play.

School Parliament Objectives

Autumn Term

Making sure everyone is following the school rules.
Making the school a safer place.
Teacher and teaching assistant Christmas party involvement.
School Christmas dinner involvement.

Spring Term

Proposing changes to the outdoor provision.
Promoting healthy eating in school.
Planting trees and gardening outside to improve outdoor areas.
Protect the school and local environment.

Summer Term

Visiting local food banks to support local community.
Volunteer to be active in the local community.
Continue to protect the school and local environment (to become an Eco school).

Members of the Stradbroke Parliament

Our fantastic School Parliament spent the Autumn term proposing improvements to the school’s outdoor area so that the pupils of Stradbroke can continue to learn during their lunch time. They shared their proposals during assembly. They  will continue to assess the progress of their proposal during the Spring term.