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Year 3

Welcome to Year Three!

The teachers this year are Miss Hastings, Miss Glaves and Mr Matthews. Helping assist in our classroom will be Mrs Dack and Mr McCarroll. On Wednesday afternoon the children will be taught by Mr McCarroll for P.E and Miss Willis for Music. Our P.E day this half term is on Wednesday please make sure you have your P.E kits in school. Please remember to label your child’s kit. This year the children will have the opportunity to attend swimming lessons, if you have any queries regarding this please speak to your child’s teacher.

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Staff Working in Year 3 this year

Stradbroke Primary School

Teacher: Miss C Glaves

Stradbroke Primary School

Teacher: Mr Matthews

Stradbroke Primary School

Teacher: Mrs King


Mrs K Walker

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Dack

Mr McCarroll

Remote Learning

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Summer Term

Throughout the Summer 1, year 3 will be travelling back in time to learn about Ancient Egypt. The children will use their previous knowledge about the Stone Age to compare what life was like in Britain compared to Egypt. Also, the children will piece together their historical knowledge to order a timeline of events and gain a better understanding of chronology. The children will experience ‘Tutankhamun’s tomb’ and be able to handle various Egyptian treasures to gain a better understanding of the Egyptian social hierarchy. Moreover, the children will learn about the mummification process and even have the opportunity to stick their hands inside some Canopic jars – eww!!!

In Science, the children will be learning all about light and dark. We will discover how shadows are created and use our pattern seeking enquiries to work out if there is a pattern between the size of the shadow and the distance from the light source. We will go on to apply this knowledge of light, dark and shadows to create a puppet show for our peers!

In Computing, we will explore the concept of sequencing in programming through Scratch (software). We will use a selection of motion, sound and event blocks to create our own programs featuring sequences.

In PE, the children in Y3CG/AKi will continue developing their swimming skills in their weekly swimming lessons. Y3BM will be developing their throwing skills and accuracy through the game Bombardment.

What Are We Learning?

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