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Year 3

The Y3 teachers this year are Miss Hastings and Miss France and helping to assist in the classroom will be Miss Hale, Mrs Hines and Mrs Walker.

On Wednesday afternoon, the children will be taught by Mrs Shutt for P4C and Mr McCaroll for P.E.

Our PE days are on Wednesdays and Thursdays, please make sure you have your P.E kits in school.

Staff Working in Year 3 this year

Stradbroke Primary School

Teacher: Mr Redmill

Stradbroke Primary School

Teacher: Miss A France

Teaching Assistants

Gina Hale

Rachel Hines

Extra Teaching Support

Katie Walker

Remote Learning

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Summer Term

Throughout the Summer 1, year 3 will be travelling back in time to learn about Ancient Egypt. The children will use their previous knowledge about the Stone Age to compare what life was like in Britain compared to Egypt. Also, the children will piece together their historical knowledge to order a timeline of events and gain a better understanding of chronology. The children will experience ‘Tutankhamun’s tomb’ and be able to handle various Egyptian treasures to gain a better understanding of the Egyptian social hierarchy. Moreover, the children will learn about the mummification process and even have the opportunity to stick their hands inside some Canopic jars – eww!!!

In Science, we will be learning about plants. We will discover what plants need in order to grow and stay healthy through conducting scientific enquiries. Also, we will study each part of a plant in more detail to learn about the importance of their functions. Moreover, we will become familiar with seed dispersal and the significant role bees play in the life cycle of flowering plants.

In Art, we will be developing and refining our sketching and shading skills as we design and draw our own mythical creatures. In order gain our ideas, will take inspiration from famous artists such as Rosa Bonheur and Peter Paul Reubens as well as study different mythical creatures and their stories. To showcase our art, we will be holding an art exhibition for the rest of the KS2 children to see!

In PE, we will be expressing ourselves through dance! We will practise expressing and conveying a range of emotions through actions and gestures. Then, we will progress to putting actions and gestures into a dance sequence which we will practise and eventually perform.

In Computing, we will be developing our programming skills using Scratch! The children will have the opportunity to tinker with Scratch, making sprites, creating codes and sequences. Then, the children will use their knowledge gained throughout the sequence of learning to create their own project on Scratch.

What Are We Learning?

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