Stradbroke Primary

School Meals

Taylor Shaw School Meal Menu

At Taylor Shaw we embrace the School Food Standards and plan imaginative and diverse menus to suit the needs of the children and your school.

Menus are not only delicious but packed full of energy and all the nutrients that children need to support their growth and learning. Menu and recipe ideas are brought to life in our kitchens by our creative team of experts.

Pupils are involved in every aspect of the menu planning from generating ideas to sampling the products.

School Menu

We are now a cashless school. In order to pay for your child’s school meals please follow this link to our Parent Pay page.

You can learn more about Taylor Shaw through this presentation.

Did you know?

ALL children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are all eligible for a Universal Infant Free School Meal!

You could save yourself time and £100s a year by encouraging your children to have a hot meal prepared and cooked fresh on site daily!

Let Taylor Shaw take the pressure off making a packed lunch and provide your child with a nutritionally balanced, hot and delicious lunch, for FREE!

Download the Taylor Shaw Free School Meals Leaflet for further information.

Eat Smart Sheffield Packed Lunch Guidance

Packed lunches can contribute to almost a third of a child’s weekly food intake, therefore we want to encourage healthy packed lunches for those children who bring them into school.

As such, the following guidance has been designed to help you to provide a healthy and nutritious packed lunch for your child to help give them the best chance possible.

Healthy Breakfast

Start the Day the Right Way – Have a Healthy Breakfast!

Breakfast provides your body & brain with fuel after an overnight fast; that’s where the name originates – ‘breaking the fast’!

Without breakfast you are effectively running on empty, like trying to start a car with no petrol!

Eating breakfast has many health benefits for us all – read all about it on our: