The Integrated Resource

A warm welcome to all our returning pupils and also to our new starters!

Staff in the Integrated Resource this year:

Miss Ambler – IR Lead

Mrs Aspinwall – Class Teacher (Mon – Wed)
Mrs Humphries – Class Teacher (Wed – Fri)
Mrs Crowther – Teaching Assistan
Miss MacFarlane – Teaching Assistant
Ms Alldis – Teaching Assistant


Mrs Jasper – Class Teacher
Mr Rawling – Teaching Assistant
Mrs Walker – Teaching Assistant
Miss Spelten – Teaching Assistant (Mon – Wed)
Miss Shepherd – Teaching Assistant (Wed – Fri)

Staff supporting both classes

Mrs Myers – Teaching Assistant

Additional staff will sometimes support in the classes.

Remote Learning

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Staff Working in IR Squirrels This Year

Stradbroke Primary School

Teacher: Mrs C Aspinwall

Stradbroke Primary School

Teacher: Mrs J Humphries

Teaching Assistants

Angela Crowther

Louise McFarlane

Georgina Alldis

Staff Working in IR Owls This Year

Stradbroke Primary School

Teacher: Mrs J Jasper

Teaching Assistants

Amanda Walker

Jonathan Rawlings

Hayley Shepherd (W-F)

Claudia Speltman  (M-W)

Autumn Term

During the Autumn Term our theme across the Integrated Resource will be ‘Why does the weather change?’ Our emersion vehicle will be an umbrella.

“The mind is like an umbrella. It’s most useful when open.”

Literacy : We will begin the year by sharing the wordless picture book ‘The Umbrella’ by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert. Over the coming weeks we will develop our knowledge and understanding towards nouns, verbs, prepositions and adjectives that appear in the vibrant and interesting pictures of this book.

The aim by the end of this theme will be to narrate the wordless story, putting all our previously learned grammar into practice. In addition and to support our writing, we will explore the story through a range of sensory engaging activities such as painting, model making, role play, singing, dancing and music.

Our finished product will be a wall display where we will showcase all our fantastic learning.

Maths : In maths our stimulus will be the story ‘The Wind Blew’ by Pat Hutchins. Seen as the story starts with the umbrella blowing inside out, there is no better place to start than exploring opposites. This then leads nicely into investigating and sorting numbers into odd and even.

In order to develop our observational skills we will initially sort objects from the story using Carroll diagrams and Venn diagrams then use our skills to sort numbers and shapes using the same diagrams. We will also carry out practical tasks such as blowing balloons then measuring how far and how fast they travel using the appropriate tools such as a stopwatch and a metre stick. We will also measure the weight and size of the objects and order them accordingly.

In addition to these activities we will continue to consolidate and build on our existing knowledge and understanding of number and their values. Each Friday the Owls will continue to develop their mental calculations by completing a ‘Big Maths’ challenge sheet.

Afternoon : During the afternoon sessions we will be continuing with our ‘Why does the weather change?’ topic. We will be taking a journey around the world to explore and compare the different climates on the continents of Africa and Antarctica. To help understand where these continents are, and why one is hot and one is cold, we will explore models of the Earth’s surface through the use of a world map and a globe.

Once we have developed our understanding of the different types of weather we will embark on our STEM learning. This will involve creating and setting up our very own weather station, complete with a wind sock and wind vane, a barometer and a rain gauge, so we can measure wind speed and direction, air pressure and rain fall. Our science investigations will involve using ‘water in a jar’ to create tornadoes, rain and rainbows, to name just a few.

Our drama focus will involve acting out the fable ‘The Wind and the Sun’ as well as taking on the role of a weather forecast presenter. The religious festivals we will celebrate during this term will be Diwali and Christmas.