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Year 5

The children will be delighted to know that both Mr Bavington and Mr Matthews will be teaching Year 5 this year. We are both thrilled to be working in a fabulous year group and we cannot wait to support and guide the children as they continue their learning journey through school.

Teaming up with these exceedingly fortunate teachers, we have Mr ‘Coach’ McCarroll, who worked in Year 5 last year and Miss Shugafi who worked with the children last year.

All members of staff are raring to get started and our strong team is eager to help the children excel this year in Y5.

Make sure you are following us on Twitter @Y5BMStradbroke to find out about learning and all that we’re getting up to.

An important reminder: Y5’s P.E. day is on Friday afternoon, so please make sure you have your PE kits. Mr Matthews’s class will be going to Ponds Forge every Thursday morning for their swimming class. It would be helpful if the children wore their swimming costumes under their school uniform when they arrive in the morning, as this will significantly speed up the time it takes to get ready once at the venue. Many thanks.

Staff Working in Year 5 this year

Stradbroke Primary School

Teacher: Mr B Matthews

Stradbroke Primary School

Teacher: Mr D Bavington

Teaching Assistants

Andy McCarroll

Sydney Shugafi

Remote Learning

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Summer Term

Year 5 Summer 2022 During the Summer Term, in geography, the children will be exploring the oceans of the world! As Oceanographers, the children will be exploring the impact of pollution and climate change within oceans and how this predominantly affects coastal regions. They will be proposing solutions as to how we can live sustainably in order to protect the marine biome.

In history, the children will be learning about inequality and both in the UK and internationally and how it relates to current experiences. This will be a natural continuation of our other areas of historical learning this year (Victorians and Colonialism) and will include the study of significant individuals, such as: Emmeline Pankhurst, Emily Davison, Malala Yousafzai and Gandhi.

In art, we will be creating our own individual pieces of expressionist artwork, taking inspiration from the greats such as Henri Matisse and Jean-Michael Basquiat. The children will develop a mood board of ideas which will accompany their own piece of artwork, enabling them to coherently express their inner feelings and emotions.

As design technologists, we will be constructing some “spoonable” dips that can be eaten with tortilla chips. The children will apply their knowledge of cooking techniques and nutrition to list possible ingredients for their healthy dips. Afterwards, they will investigate their favourite flavours and create a recipe which is then taste tested, evaluated then modified based on feedback.

Our memorable experiences will be educational visits to: an art festival at Gulliver’s Kingdom, a visit to the Madina Masjid Mosque in Sheffield and an exciting trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester which will be “out of this world”.



Mr Bavington – Class Teacher 

Mr Matthews – Class Teacher 

Miss Shugafi – Teaching Assistant 

Mr McCarroll – Teaching Assistant/HLTA 

Miss Johnson – Student Teacher 

Our Recommended Reading List

Hamish and the World Stoppers by Danny Wallace
Beetle Boy by M.G. Leonard
Kay’s Anatomy by Adam Kay
Noah’s Gold by Frank Cottrell Boyce
You can borrow these books from Sheffield City Council Libraries. Find your closest Library here: https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/libraries-archives/our-libraries



What Are We Learning?

Year 5 Letters