Welcome To

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

This year we have lots of fun, exciting topics and trips to look forward to and we cannot wait to get started!

The teachers in Year One are:

Miss Crossley

Mrs Wilkinson

Miss Dower

The Teaching Assistants are:

Ms Reade

Miss Clarke


Our PE day is Monday.

Please ensure that PE kits are brought in on Monday so the children are properly prepared for the week. These can be left for the half term. At times we may go outside for PE, a warm jacket or jumper may be beneficial during the colder temperatures. Please ensure that all PE kit is labelled clearly with your child’s name, including plimsolls.   

Although we try to make sure kit goes home with the right child, this is sometimes a struggle and misplaced kit can be located in the lost property cupboard on the KS1 corridor. It is a good idea to support your child in packing their PE bag, so they know what is in there.


Home Learning menus are given out at the start of every half term highlighting activities and projects the children can complete based on their current learning. These are optional and not all tasks need to be completed. Children will have the opportunity to share their learning with the rest of their peers in merit assemblies on Fridays. Children can also share their learning on class dojo.  


Our PPA is on a Tuesday afternoon. During this time children will be taught by;

Mrs Ahmed and Mrs Pringle

Staff Working in Year 1 this year

Stradbroke Primary School

Teacher: Miss L Crossley

Stradbroke Primary School

Teacher: Mrs Wilkinson

Stradbroke Primary School

Teacher: Mrs Dower

Teaching Assistants

Ms Reade 

Miss Clarke

Remote Learning

For remote learning please click the button below. 

Spring Term

For the Spring term the Y1s will continue to engage and expand their knowledge in a range of exciting and fun ways.

In Literacy, we will be writing character and setting descriptions about Naughty Norman and Derek, from Fireman Sam. We will immerse ourselves into our learning in different ways before building on our vocabulary, learning new grammar and punctuation, analysing good examples of writing and practicing key spellings that we will need. We will then plan out our writing and orally rehearse it together, before completing our final piece of writing and performing it to the rest of our year group.

As Mathematicians, we will continue working on our place vale knowledge and expand our understanding from the autumn term to focus on numbers up to 20 and then 50. We will revisit addition and subtraction and be introduced to weight and measure. 

This term in Science we will continue to observe the seasons and have another visit to the local park to look forward to compare the changes we have observed. In addition, we will also look more closely at materials and their properties; carrying out investigations to test how hard, soft, flexible or waterproof they are.

As Geographers we will be investigating the United Kingdom and exploring how it is made up of different countries. We will use maps to identify capital cities and other key landmarks. We will draw upon our knowledge of the local area to build up a bigger picture of what Sheffield is like as a city in its own right but also in comparison to other towns and cities.

As Historians we will delve once again into the Monarchy. This term we will look at the Victorians and how this differed from the Tudor times and today. We will make comparisons and discuss key changes using what we have learned and reflect on how the Victorian era has influenced us today.  

In RSHE, we will learn how to have discussions, and our focus is on friendships. We will follow rules in our discussions such as listen carefully, one person speaking at a time, share your hand to speak and show respect to the different opinions of others. We will use the sentence stems: I agree, or I disagree to share our opinions.

In Design and Technology, we will explore existing pop up books for babies and young children. We will learn about slider mechanisms and how they work, and then we will design a new product with a success criteria. We will practice the different skills we will need to make a moving book of our own and evaluate the process as we go along!

What Are We Learning?

Year 1 Letters

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