Governor Statement

I started my teaching career at Stradbroke in 2012. Prior to beginning my teaching career, I studied History at Newcastle University and spent a year travelling around the world, which was a fantastic experience and ignited in me a love for travelling and appreciating other cultures.
In 2017, I became the Deputy Headteacher – a role that I thoroughly enjoy. I am fortunate enough to be heavily involved in developing the quality of education at our school – this is my favourite part of the job as I enjoy seeing the impact we are having on children’s learning.
It always fills me with great pride when I see former pupils of our school – many of whom I have taught – and learn about the successes they have gone onto achieve. This constantly drives me to help lead the school’s continued improvement. However, I must admit, it also fills me with dread knowing how old some of my former pupils are and how much older I must be getting as it does not seem all that long ago since I was a clean-shaven NQT!
Without a doubt, I love every minute of my time here at Stradbroke working with Mr Sitch and it is a great source of pride for me whenever I tell people who I work with: I feel incredibly lucky to serve such a wonderful man.
Outside of school, as many of you will know, I love playing and watching football. I am a lifelong Sheffield Wednesday fan – however, I cannot claim to have enjoyed watching them play in the last few years!